Create Treasured Keepsakes
With Recipe Scrapbooks!

Scrapbooking isn’t just for photos! It’s also a great way to preserve your favorite recipes! Rather than just write the recipes on a white index card and stick them in a box, turn them into an heirloom by making a recipe scrapbook!

A recipe scrapbook can serve many purposes. Not only can you preserve those recipes handed down from your family, but a custom cookbook makes wonderful holiday and shower gifts. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a recipe scrapbook has to be a book, either. You can make designer index cards and decorate the box for a beautiful, useful recipe system! VIP's Save More Money!

Should you decide to do a recipe scrapbook, there are some things you will want to consider before you get started. First, how many would you like to make? Is this intended for use by one person, such as yourself, or do you need multiples for gift giving or a fundraiser? Will this actually be used as a cookbook? Or is this going to be for memorabilia only and stored with the rest of your scrapbooks?

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you decide on what kind of recipe scrapbooking you will do. For example, if you are planning on creating something that will be used for cooking, a Rolodex or index card project may be better than a book. They are very practical in that they allow you to easily reach, organize, and add to your collection. A traditional scrapbook album featuring your recipes would work as well, though you probably don’t want to get too detailed or have too many embellishments on your pages because the book will be used often. Simple pages work best if you will be pulling the pages in and out of their protectors a lot.

If you are creating a traditional recipe scrapbook, you should also consider the size of the album that you want to use. A 6x6 scrapbook works well to hold 3x5 index cards. Or, you can use an 8x8 or 8½ x11 album and present your recipes on larger sheets of paper instead of the smaller cards. 12x12 albums are great for heritage books that are intended for memorabilia, but the smaller sizes are easier to handle, which is important when you are working around food and liquids. Make sure whatever size you choose, you use page protectors to prevent your pages from getting ruined by kitchen mistakes.

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Creating cookbook digitally is the best way to go if you want to make multiple copies of your project. You can create numerous copies of pages and books for friends and family without having to make the same pages over and over again by hand. Just hit print! If you have a lot of books you want to make, it might not be time or cost effective to do it all yourself. Try using a service like – they can help you put together recipe scrapbooks that are great for cookbook fundraisers, family reunions, and holiday gift giving!

To add variety to your project, combine photographs with your recipes for an added personal touch. Including a group family photo at the beginning of a family heritage album is a great way to begin the cookbook. You can also place the recipe submitter’s photo with their particular recipes. You may also want to include a bit of history in your scrapbook, either at the beginning or dispersed throughout the book. Here, you might explain the origin of each recipe, or a short story about why it has become a family favorite. You can add elements, such as a shopping list for each recipe or measurement charts and converters to go in the back. Be sure to choose a system that is expandable, so it is easy to add pages when needed.

Clearly, a random collection of recipes and cookbooks is less than efficient. Creating a well-organized system that keeps all of one's favorite recipes in one place is a special gift for any cook in your life! Whether you are making a recipe scrapbook for a gift, or for yourself, you will surely find it to be a fun and valuable endeavor!

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